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> From: Tom Griffin <griffin at u.washington.edu>
> The Napequa Valley is one of the most
> beautiful places in my home state--so trudging over Little Giant  
> has its
> rewards. To see photos, check out my PCT 2005 trip report:
> http://staff.washington.edu/griffin/pct2005/daysix.html

I read your entire trip report. Do you have any more of these? I  
really enjoyed your pictures and write-up.

Washington is so beautiful. It is so different from what I am used  
to. The beauty continues to haunt me. It seems amazing to me that I  
was ever there. Like a dream. Nowadays I just thrash around in dry  
foxtails and get scratched up by mean plants on trails that are  
rarely maintained. Look at this crazy trip on the non-existent  
"Condor Trail." This is my stomping ground. I hiked some of this on  
my way to the PCT last year.


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