[pct-l] What are the snow conditions now on Baden-Powell?

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I tried to climb Baden Powell a week ago from Vincent Gap and was turned away by deep snow about 2 miles in. I carried an ice axe but no crampons as the snow was really soft and wet on the north faces.  It's just a bit too early without full gear, IMHO. If trying again, I would bring ski pants, gaitors and crampons and push thru it. Post holing just killed me, I guess my legs just aren't used to that recently.

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Someone told me that he thought he was still going to need crampons?to do?an 
early morning climb of Baden-Powell from Vincent Gap on the 22nd. I suspect that 
with the warm weather we have been having that the snow is melting fast and that 
the trail slushes up fairly early in the day. So I don't thing?that?the people 
in his group?would not need crampons, etc. Any feed back from those who have 
hiked over Baden-Powell in the past week?

????????????? Rob

Greg Hummel

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