[pct-l] Walker Pass Food Ruck Update

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Mon May 17 18:15:21 CDT 2010

Jackalope has just informed me that besides, steak, chicken, and other goodies along with pastries, there will be milkshakes and vegetarian foods too.
This is unbelievable.  This beyond a Ruck.  This is King Ruck!  Never before in the history of backbackerdom has there been such an event.  The Ruck begins on mid day on Thursday, June 3.  It ends Sunday midday, June 6.  
Hundreds of PCT hikers are now pacing themselves to arrive for the food festivities.  This will be similar to the Carnival in Brazil each year.  There will be much dancing as hiker go crazy with tons of foods.  Only the best chips and salsa.  Only the best pastries.  Only the best meats.  Only the best milkshakes.  Only the best vegetarian foods.  All to make hikers fall into a trance and daydream of culinary delights as they bang along the trail to get to Walker Pass.
Yes, as hikers leave to head to Kennedy Meadows, they will be two-fisted with pastries climbing out of Walker Pass.  Their hiking poles will be lashed to their backpacks, since their hands will be full of rich icings, coconuts, maples, and chocolates.  They will test each other to see who can holdout the longest before gobbling down the last morsel.
Your obedient servant.
Sir Switchback of the Trail Pirate


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