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Thu May 20 23:16:29 CDT 2010

Speaking of magic...this is from Uncle Tom's TJ (05/16/10):

"...After the break, we left to continue our road walk (now six of the eight
of us). Two miles down the road, a police officer pulled over to tell us a
hiker was waiting for us ahead, huddled feebly under the small shade of a
Joshua tree. Two miles further, the six of us met up with General Lee.

After a thirty minute break, the seven of us chose to walk into Little Rock
for margaritas. The Mexican restaurant we walked into didn't serve alcohol,
but had killer deals on food. We ate an early dinner, and walked over to the
gas station. Apricots bought new sunglasses, as hers broke five hours
earlier. We also picked up some personal refreshments and walked the final
three miles to the sandy wash, our campsite.

All seven of us found The Mayor here eagerly awaiting our arrival. Now we
are sitting under the star lit night, enjoying our drinks sharing all our
stories. It is amazing to look back on a day that was supposed to be
difficult, yet proved to be full of magic as well as different for all of

Tomorrow we have another twenty miles of roadwalking. Who knows what strange
magic awaits. "

Uncle Tom

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 3:57 PM, Paul Magnanti <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  The real trail magic was being in the High Sierra for ten days without
> resupply and seeing those snowcapped mountains
> extending seemingly forever...
> The real trail magic was enjoy smell of sagebrush in the air as the sun was
> setting and the wind was picking up
> from the cooling desert night...
> The real trail magic is having friends in my life I met on the trek from
> Mexico to Canada. I am going to be the best man
> at one of these friend's wedding....
> The real trail magic is the trail itself. All the joys, wonders, delights
> and experiences.
> A cooler of soda? Gravy.
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