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I  had a close encounter of the bear kind on my 1980 hike. If my memory serves me well, I was closing in on Soda Springs, solo at the time when I spoted a deer grazing. I stopped and was about to take off my pack to grab my camera when I noticed the dear move its head. I then saw, a short distance further, a bear rise and stand on its hind legs. What a sight!. I decided not to reach for my camera. ( Apologies to ultra lighters but I actually carried a 35 MM SLR camera and packed a zoom lens.) Like the deer, I felt being still was the smart decision at the time. After a few moments, the bear nonchalantly walked away. I had photo remorse later but eventually learned that some of the images on the PCT don't have to belong to Kodak.

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> I came across a heard of dear near a spring at sunset in Cuyamaca
> state park (near Mt Laguna). They spooked and ran off, and while I was
> standing there reveling in the bliss of nature....
> a cougar stood up out of the tall grass, gave me a long look, then
> walked off, the tip of it's tail twitching like a big house cat.
> It never occurred to me to be frightened. I just felt incredibly lucky
> to have seen a big cat in the wild.
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