[pct-l] Is it a Thru-Hike?

dofdear aka Thumper dofdear at cox.net
Tue May 25 20:24:26 CDT 2010

Dear List,

So my original plan was to SOBO from Manning to Campo beginning 25 June
into early Nov.  Obviously, successful completion would constitute an
thru-hike.  Now I'm considering a test hike over my 4-day Memorial Day

Here's my question.  If one were to SOBO from Warner Springs
to Campo (Section A) between 28 - 31 May and then  SOBO from Manning to
Warner Springs beginning 25 June, would that also be considered a
thru-hike, albeit with a yoyo component?  Yes, yes I know, it's my hike
but I'm interested in the List's opinion.  I do not wish to lay claim to
something that may not be commonly accepted by the community.  If needed 
I can certainly do Section A to make it a continuous hike. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

dofdear aka Thumper

A veteran, whether on Active Duty, Retired, National Guard or Reserve,
is someone who, at one pointing in his or her life, wrote a blank check
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in this country who no longer respect or understand it.

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