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Most trail runners don't last very long. Mine seemed to wear out on  
the tops faster than on the sole. I think the longest lasting trail  
shoes that aren't boots are actually Chacos. Look at the pics on this  
site: http://sourcetosea.net/backpacking-in-chaco-sandals/

Things to avoid in trail shoes: Stupid draw-cord lacing systems. If  
the cord or cord-lock breaks, then you're stuck trying to jerry rig  
the laces. Regular shoe laces are better. Also, the thin cords on  
those stupid draw-cord lacing systems will cut through any lacing  
eyelets that aren't made of metal. So avoid lacing systems that don't  
use traditional metal eyelets.

I also found the fabrics most trail shoes are made of to wear holes  
quickly. I had holes break out in mine simply because my feet had  
enlarged yet again. A brand new pair sprouted holes in the mesh in  
two days because of this. Bring thread/floss and a needle to make  
repairs to your shoes. I made a lot of repairs to my shoes, as did  
others, especially the closer we got to the end.

You can buy shoes from the trail, too, even at your size. There are  
opportunities, but no guarantees. Cabazon has an outlet mall with a  
Famous Footwear store and I think they had a Columbia outlet, too. In  
Aqua Dulce you can get a ride into Los Angeles. There's an REI people  
like to go to there. In Mammoth they have a couple of good gear  
shops. In the Lake Tahoe area you'd likely be able to find some  
shoes. Same with Portland and Seattle. And if all else fails, you can  
try mail-order. My trick was to order online and ship to my support  
person who would then send packages on to me General Delivery.

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> Thanks for the reply about shoe mileage
> I have to carefull planning this as I wear 15 or 16's and can't  
> just go to the 'store and pick up a pair
> I'm interviewing New Balance 1012's and Keen Voyeur. Both using  
> Superfeet.
> I've seen two reports now that the Keens only go about 400  
> miles..Surprising to me as they seem well built! But hey.

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