[pct-l] Trail workers/thru-hikers

Sean 'Miner' Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Mon Nov 1 19:50:53 CDT 2010


Is your friend sure that she was talking to thru-hikers and not just hikers?  Since you mention being near Lake Tahoe, you are going to get a large number of tourist outnumbering any thru-hikers on the PCT there. Thru-hikers typically go through an area over a few short weeks and the rest of the summer is just everyone else.  The whole thing about having to step over giant rocks isn't going to phase a thru-hiker who just came through the High Sierra were you have some real big rocks to step up on and who are in the best shape of their lives.   Most thru-hikers I've met have been grateful for the trail crews that make the trail possible.  I know I was.  That isn't to say that there aren't some bad apples or jerks as there is always a few in every group of people.  But they are far and few inbetween in the PCT community.


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