[pct-l] Are the trails easy to follow without relying on a map? Seeking Hiking companion

Austin Williams austinwilliams123 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 14:09:35 CDT 2010

First:  Please try not to die.  Now is not a good time to leave on a NOBO
Second: If you do leave now, you'll encounter more snow than you can shake a
stick at... so not only should you bring maps, but a gps as well.  Otherwise
you'll certianly get lost.
When there is no snow (or very little snow) you should still bring a map and
compass (unless you've hike the trail a million times like Scott
Williamson... then you only need to bring a compass for safety).

If you depart in Novemeber... you might *depart* (as in 'die') before
December... unless you are some kind of awesome military snow-commando guy.

You'll also need snow shoes (newly fallen snow is soft... not like the
hard-packed snow that spring and summer hikers hike over).
Might also want to bring a sled for your gear.

If you do decide to leave, and somehow don't die.... it would make for one
AWESOME adventure.

Austin Williams

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