[pct-l] Are the trails easy to follow without relying on a map? Seeking Hiking companion

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We've been hosting hikers for 14 years.  The only hiker we've ever known to
come through the Sierras in the winter time had a professional
mountaineering guide that led him through (to the tune of $300 per day). He
had to wait out storms for substantial periods of time down in the
flatlands. He was a southbounder, and did not complete the trail that
season, not surprisingly in part because he ran out of money.

The only other person I've ever known to tackle the trail off season (in
this case early spring) is our friend Trauma and his dog Yoni
www.justinlichter.com (see link to "10,000 miles 2006" in the left nav bar).
For a living, besides being a gear tester for Granite Gear, Trauma worked
for ski resorts on avalanche patrol, finding, monitoring, and triggering
avalanches with explosives. He's not what I would term an "average" hiker,
and possesses significant winter backcountry experience and snow skills. 

No others, not the record holders past or present, or those with tens of
thousands of miles under their soles, attempt thru-hiking the PCT starting
northbound in November.  I've heard it talked about; it seems to be the
unachieved holy grail of the PCT.  

Can you do it?  Without knowing your qualifications, no one out here really
knows the answer to that. But one thing we do know with certainty is that,
"mountains don't tolerate fools." The backcountry in winter is no place to
be impetuous. The very nature of the question asked speaks of not really
comprehending the challenges. Logic says that anyone who could actually
achieve such a feat would not be out here on the list asking if it were
possible.  While I don't want to be a naysayer to your dreams, I for one
would thank you kindly for not putting the lives of Search & Rescue workers
at risk. If you are qualified for such an undertaking, my apologies and best
wishes for your success.  


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Seeking Hiking companion


Leaving from San Diego, going 
Northbound; not in a hurry to sojourn up north.

Are their hikers 
who depart in November?
Must sound impetuous to an experienced hiker,
 yet I thrive on being unconventionally spontaneous.

Aum Shanti 
Shanti Friends

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