[pct-l] pole bending

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Wed Nov 10 19:16:28 CST 2010

Well in the good old days,  ;-) , old ski poles were the only trekking 
poles until the gear suppliers got into the act.  But ski poles do break 
too. Whether they are more or less prone when hiking I don't know.


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On 11/10/10 13:32, ned at mountaineducation.org wrote:
> Hey, Steel-Eye!
> I just had that experience, a pole bending while negotiating a slippery side
> slope, last Sunday night! Usually they just collapse, because of the
> twist-locks, but this time I was using one of my beloved Black Diamonds with
> the cam-locks which don't slip, and the darn thing just bent like mad in the
> lower segment to a 45-degree angle and I went down for the 10th time in the
> 3-mile approach to four lost hikers freezing in a snow storm on Echo Summit.
> I guess I should take Mags advice and just use ski poles (one piece) and not
> adjustables at all!

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