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Sun Nov 14 16:51:47 CST 2010

Unfortunately pctmap.net is short on tutorials and instructions for
GPS setup currently. I hope to correct that after I am finished
updating my maps for 2011. Here is a summary of how to set up your
60CSx GPS.
All 6,700 of my way points will fit on your 60CSX but you must load
them as points of interest (POI) with Garmin's Free POI loader
software from:
POI loader is available for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

A summary of how to do this:
-Install Garmin's POI loader software
-Download the waypoint .gpx files from my web site that you want to
load. If your need the entire PCT download the three state files.
Unzip them, and place only the .gpx waypoint files in a folder you
create on your computer. You end up with a single folder and ONLY .gpx
files of waypoints (no tracks, no text, no .pdf files). If you used
the state files you will have a folder with the three .gpx files for
the entire PCT.
-Launch POI loader and it steps you though choosing the folder
containing the .gpx files and loading them on your GPS. Takes about 15

-After loading the POI's, set the zoom view that they show on your GPS
map screen.
-To do this go to your GPS map screen, select the menu button, select
setup map, find the "map setup - points" tab on top, set the Max Zoom
for Map Points and User Waypoints to some number such as 2 miles. When
set to 2 miles, points will show on your GPS when the map is zoomed
closer than 2 miles, but not show when zoomed out farther than two

Hope this helps you get started.


On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 1:46 PM, Edward Anderson <mendoridered at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Can someone tell me how to find Halfmile's website.  I have a Garmin 60CSx GPS
> and a Garmin US TOPO 2008 West Coast & Hawaii Micro SD Astro Zumo.
> I want to learn how to transfer Halfmile's Waypoints to this GPS.
> MendoRider

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