[pct-l] Water purification clearification!!

Brandon Reed brandon.reed2008 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 18:57:26 CST 2010

I'm sorry about my last post, I didn't realize water purification was such a 
touchy subject!!! Let me clearify what I am trying to ask you guys. I have never 
hiked Southern California before, at least not more than a few hours at a time. 
Most of my experience is Northern Cali where the water is plentiful and moves 
rapidly. My concern, or fear, is that much of the Southern Cali water is 
stagnant cesspools filled with gunk which would be better filtered than purified 
with iodine. I don't mind the little floaters but nothing serious. So what I am 
asking is, as silly and stupid as it sounds, is the water in the desert stagnant 
or does it flow making it possible for me to just pop a few tabs in there not 
having to worry about gigantic floating infested cesspools of unidentified 
larva. Sorry if that was a stupid question but I better safe than sorry.

 Brandon Reed 


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