[pct-l] Fw: Water purification/shower

Sean 'Miner' Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Thu Nov 18 18:31:59 CST 2010

>I wonder why the hikers don't bring along a solar shower
I have a shower attachment for my Platypus bladers.  Though I carried it to Canada, I never used it. I found on my PCT hike that the longer I was out, the less I cared about hygiene.  I started off with daily baths using wet wipes, but after several weeks, what got cleaned grew less until I only kept my feet clean.  I was just too tired with the long days of getting up at dawn and hiking til dusk, so something had to give, I liked eating dinner too much to give that up and I found I'd rather keep doing my journal then take a bath.

That said, there was a couple that was very anal about bathing each night and rinsing their clothes out.  They stopped earlier then I did at night to do so.  I could comment on which of the two was the reason for this rather odd thru-hiker behavior, but I won't. :p


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