[pct-l] Fw: water purifcation (or was I suppose to change the title??)

Edward Anderson mendoridered at yahoo.com
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As you might know, that lichen is pretty abundant in some areas.  I usually get 
mine off fallen branches below fir trees.  That which is hanging from fir trees 
is usually out of reach. Some hikers have used leaves.  I used to use Thetford 
bio-degradable TP and then put it in a deep cat hole dug in organic soil found 
under foliage. In soil like that carbonic acid and bacteria will be present to 
help break it down. Before filling the hole I pee on the TP to start the 
decomposition. During my 2009 ride I started packing the TP out in an OpSac. 
That's really the best solution.  But the lichen also works well.and should be 
buried.  That's sure better than than TP that has not been buried properly or 
not at all.


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On 11/18/2010 7:07 PM, Edward Anderson wrote:
> Ann Marie.
> One organic substitute for TP is either that light green lichen, or the nearly
> black lichen that you will see hanging from, or under, fir trees along much of
> the PCT.  Of course, bury it properly in your cat hole along with your poop.
>    MendoRider

I don't see how gathering this kind of thing along the trail fits in
with the leave no trace ethic. Imagine the impact if 400 thru hikers
plus section hikers were gathering organic TP substitute every day.
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