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I've done a few trips with no TP and found that the best system is smooth
rock followed by corn lilies. Corn lilies are readily available in the
sierras and have great texture. While it's probably a good idea to bring
some TP just in case, going without is the best way to LNT.

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> On Nov 20, 2010, at 10:00 AM, pct-l-request at backcountry.net wrote:
> > TP or no TP
> smooth rocks
> smooth sticks
> fir boughs
> sage
> grass
> rabbit bush
> snow
> decomposing pine cones
> a good squirt of water
> You can collect what you need in small quantities as you hike up the
> trail scouting for a good place to leave the trail to find your spot.
> The thing about thru-hikers is that a large amount of the time,
> pooping and camping are not done in the same area. And since you
> never know if someone isn't going to come up behind you soon, you do
> tend to stealth poop somewhere totally random and far from the trail.
> Sometimes the places I went were so steep and awful there's no chance
> anybody would ever camp or even attempt to climb up there. The
> chances of coming across your poop are much lower than the chances of
> coming across typical backpacker poop. Those folks will be camping
> and pooping by some pretty lake or stream. (Lakes on the JMT give me
> the willies. Turn over any lakeside rock and guess what you'll find.
> Eww.)
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