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Sat Nov 27 12:29:03 CST 2010

safe, proven and finally, effective are the criteria I go by.

With that I use a 2 chemical mix.  Permethrin applied to the clothing per directions.  I started with treated clothes and refreshed it at Kennedy Meadows.  This seemed sufficient.  This is the stuff used on the buzz off brand of clothing.  I hate having the shotgun pattern of bites on my shoulders.  It also keeps the ticks off my legs.  I wore long sleeves and light nylon pants for maximum sun and bug protection.

Second is of course deet.  100% in a pump spray for rapid and complete application to what little exposed skin I had.  I hate using it as I don't like the  feel, but I hate mozzies even more.

I also carried a head net.  I only used a few times north of tuoloume, but it was worth carrying it the whole way.

Ymmv, hyoh, yadda, yadda, yadda.
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