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The pages that I referred to were, of course, from the wilderness press 
guidebooks. I would not be without them - plus Eric's book.


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I, for one, possibly the only one, LOVED the Wilderness Press  
Guidebook and all the flowery prose. It was a highlight of my evening  
to read it. I don't think I would have enjoyed the trip as much  
without the natural history to enlighten me. I would have walked  
around always wondering, what's this tree? What are these rocks?  
What's that mountain? Sometimes the flowery prose also saved my butt  
from getting lost. Of course those times were balanced out by the  
times I did get lost. But anyway, if you are a natural history  
person, a reader, an enjoyer of words, and a lover of trivia, you may  
want to carry the WP guide book. My boyfriend set off with only  
Eric's book and was frustrated not to have all that trivia. Being  
such a walking encyclopedia of little tidbits of arcane knowledge, I  
couldn't believe he went without it. I sent it to him and all was  
right with the world once more.
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