[pct-l] CDC recommendations for water treatment

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Also, for what its worth, here's a link to an article from Backpacking Light, Spring 2005, that I found on the Aqua Mira web site: http://aquamira.com/BPL_2_Efficacy-of-Water.pdf

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  All you ever want to know about cypto


  Basically,  filters and boiling work,  chlorine doesn't,  No mention of Aqua
  Mira which uses free Oxygen but I suspect it should work - just not sure of
  the required wait time.

  Even if I knew the wait time for Aqua Mira I doubt it would make any
  difference  -- I am just barely waiting 20 minutes or else I can wait hours
  it depends on my thirst when I hit a water source.

  There is generally no effective treatment - it eventually goes away.


  > Did they say anything about Aqua Mira?  (which I don't think is the same as
  > the REI product?  (Happy to be corrected on this point)).
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