[pct-l] CDC recommendations for water treatment

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Agreed on what you said, thanks.

I know the instructions on Aqua Mira allow for a 30 minute wait, the 
instructions say that the four hour wait is
to ensure the kill of Crypto. A 30 minute mix / wait apparently kills everything 

I'm actually still not clear on the statement of the CDC on chlorine not being 
effective vs. Crypto vs.
the claim of the Aqua Mira labels. The CDC does list terms that are not 
meaningful which companies
use in an effort to make a sale. Maybe Aqua Mira is one of those companies?

I'm also not overly concerned with just Crypto. I just try to cover all bases. 
I've heard that some
people actually filter and chemically treat. I can understand that for some 
water sources. Recall 

the dead mouse in the water of 2009 or 2010 ?

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On Oct 22, 2010, at 11:14 AM, jcil000-pctchat at yahoo.com wrote:
> I've heard complaints about the four hours to kill crypto, but I figure thats a 
> time if a hiker doesn't wait until the last second before resupply of his 

I've never met an Aqua Mira user who waited four hours before consuming treated 
water. Thirty minutes is more typical.  If you are concerned about Crypto, use a 
mechanical filter and not a chemical treatment.

Being selective in your use of water sources and careful with your personal 
hygiene are both probably more effective in reducing illness than in any 
particular choice of water treatment.

Another tip is to avoid sharing food with other hikers.  If your group of four 
hikers all grab some gorp from a communal ziplock you are all relying on the 
personal hygiene habits of each other to stay healthy.


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