[pct-l] Bikers on the PCT-penalties

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Mon Oct 25 18:56:42 CDT 2010

Since I work within big brother, today I asked the law boys about the rules 
and penalties for riding a bike on the PCT in the Region 5 California USFS 
jurisdiction.  The enforcement is not easy, since their focus is now on mex 
drug cartels and forest grow ops.  Here are the simple rules and penalities 
for bikes in the wrong places:
Per Region5 Orders Title 36 Part 261 SubpartB: Order # 88-4 261.55(b)
PCT Trail- Using or possessing bicycle, except by special authorization  The 
fine is $150 with a mandatory court appearance.
If the use is within a wilderness it is $200 with court appearance.

I have not seen either of these penalities posted at trailheads or road 
crossings when I've been hiking the PCT.

I personally believe in standing your ground against bikes on the PCT, they 
don't have the right of way, and in my mind don't exist if I meet them. 
I've been lucky and haven't met one on trail, but have seen their tracks. 
Technical note:  The simplest method of disabling a bike in the wrong place 
is to remove the wheel's quickreleases or lock nuts; and instantly it 
becomes unrideable.
http://www.pbase.com/losthiker/image/128657946  The PCT Rules at a TH.


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