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If the bikers want a bike trail, let them build one!
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  We, the PCT users ('legal' users, that is!) and advocates, must act ('legally') and speak out 
  and be heard regarding 'wheels' on the Pacific Crest Trail...
  Please follow L-Rod's advice and register and 'vote' on the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative
  website...  See <http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/pct-l/2010-October/041622.html> for the
  links...  Spend some time searching the site for other 'ideas' to vote for or against, too - 
  there are MANY 'ideas' posted promoting opening more trails to bikers!!
  Email the US Forest Service and BLM Superintendents in your area - and for those 'problem' areas 
  noted in the next paragraph's link...
  Email your congressmen, too - let them all know you don't want 'wheels' on the PCT and that they
  should uphold and honor the original 'charter' regarding the PCT, i.e. foot traffic only...

  From Timothy Nye:
  > Also, (subject for a much longer post in the future) the PCTA may now well view the 
  > potential addition of mountain bikers as a new and lucrative source of additional income....
  I don't believe the PCTA has even remotely begun to or will ever think of that!
  See <http://www.pcta.org/about_trail/mountain-bikes.asp>...

  From the December, 1966, "Trails for America" study results document:
  > The Pacific Crest Trail traditionally has served horseback and foot travelers. 
  > This use pattern, accepted by most visitors to the trail, should be continued.
  Obviously some PCT (illegal) 'visitors' do not agree with that!
  See <http://www.pcta.org/about_trail/threats.asp>... 
  Also see <https://www.pcta.org/general/news/dev_ntsa.asp>, especially the last paragraph!

  We are outnumbered by the bikers - speak out and let your feelings be known!!
  "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result."
   - Mahatma Gandhi

  Happy (biker-less PCT) trails!!!
  Jim (PITA)
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