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Bill Burge bill at burge.com
Thu Oct 28 10:56:32 CDT 2010

My GF and I got our Catalysts fairly recently, and while we haven't been on any loooong haikes with them; I have overpacked mine on two weekend occasions.

Let's say it would have put me in the "heavy trucker" category!  ;-)

The Catalyst handles it pretty well, considering it was well beyond the ULA spec for that pack (I was at 50 pounds).  I prefer to have the space and support, incase I need it.  My GF carries less load, but more "squishy" stuff (insulation, she gets COLD), so her pack always looks as stuffed as mine, but weighs less.  ;-)

Love the Catalysts, love the company's support model.


On Oct 28, 2010, at 8:25 AM, Brandon Reed wrote:

> So far what I gather is that the ULA packs are pretty durable and all  around 
> good packs as well as many PCT hikers have used them. I'm not a  minimalist or 
> ultra-lite hiker but am weight conscious and am looking  for a more comfortable 
> liter pack. So the big question for me is, which  one. If I get to big of a pack 
> and pack less volume, or vise verse,  how  will the weight distribution handle?  
> Anyone have any experience over  packing or under packing the ULA Catalyst or 
> Circuit? Thanks.
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