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Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Thu Oct 28 23:56:52 CDT 2010

One can replace or recharge the batteries; but I don't know what one can do 
for fading memory.  However I've read that walking at least retards the 
onset of mental old age.

We just keep on keeping on.

BTW: I used to make fun of LOMIH's (little old man in hat)
            Now I is one.


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On 10/28/10 18:07, ned at mountaineducation.org wrote:
> Hi, Tortoise!
> My kids get after me for all the times I stop along the trail to check the
> map! I try not to forget what I try to remember, but it doesn't always work
> that way. But at least we don't lose it because the batteries wore out!
> "Just remember, Be Careful out there!"
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>> You are speaking for some but not for all, especially not for me.
>> What I put in my head may be lost quickly especially if I'm not
>> immediately using it.
>> I need to stop and refer to my maps and guides whenever I come to a
>> doubtful spot because I don't trust my memory and may need to double read
>> the info to reduce the chances of me missing something important.
>> Tortoise
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>> On 10/28/10 12:03, ned at mountaineducation.org wrote:
>>> What you put in your head you will not lose because the "batteries died."
>>> GPS units are really helpful, but to rely on them for 100% of your
>>> navigation when you must be aware that electronics can fail due to cold
>>> or a
>>> switch left on is asking for trouble.
>>> Again, this is not the area to short-change. Make your pack as light and
>>> small as you can, but carry maps and know how to read them for the entire
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