[pct-l] Choices and Completion Rates

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Please realize that I'm talking about how hikers prepare, which is only in 
part the tangibles, gear, food, clothing and the like, and the rest is the 
intangibles, research, understanding, experience, training, and mental and 
emotional preparation.

Another question I have is, of those who hiked the trail border to border 
pre-1980's, was there a greater completion rate or the same? There were 
fewer of them, but did a greater percentage finish each year, say in the 
'70s? If so, why?

Hey, Hummel--do you have any records on this?

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> On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 2:35 PM,  <ned at mountaineducation.org> wrote:
>> With the completion rate of a PCT thru hike at about 30%, something must 
>> not be going as anticipated. Is it an issue of planning, preparation, 
>> skills, experience, a series of mistakes, hopeful ignorance, judgment, 
>> injury, illness, training, loneliness, fatigue...? How can we help future 
>> thrus avoid the pitfalls, get through the challenges, and succeed in 
>> having their "hike of a lifetime?" That is what this discussion is all 
>> about. Are we encouraging aspiring hikers in a successful course of 
>> planning, preparation, and action? With this completion rate, I question 
>> it.<
> Have a read of the Thruhiker Papers
> http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/THP_top.html
> I don't think poor-planning or lack of the right gear has anything to
> do with the drop out rate.
> I think it has to do with desire and expectations. I think Jim is
> right when he says on http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/THP_reality.html:
> 'But the main reasons for not finishing are head and heart reasons -
> what some might call lack of will. The Trail is a head game - and a
> heart game. One of the more interesting reasons for going home is that
> some people learn what they went out there to learn - and there's no
> longer any reason for them to stay. Sometimes what they learn is that
> they don't care enough about going all the way to put up with the bugs
> and heat and rain....
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