[pct-l] Lost on the JMT: Reds Meadow southbound

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Fri Sep 3 12:42:11 CDT 2010

We also got lost near DPP going northbound. There are plenty of signs but they all refer to local landmarks;
so and so miles to so and so lake
so and so miles to so and so waterfall

I guess it make sense if a high percentage of users are there for the local sites to prominently feature those in the signs . We eventually pulled out the map and discovered that we were on the wrong trail. We backtracked to a point where the trail divides again and the JMT and the PCT seem to diverge on parallel trails for a short distance and then come back together again. Interesting.

At any rate we got to see the Post pile and some falls we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Worth the small side trip.

>  Last weekend I completed my last section of the JMT.  It's pretty
> crazy, but my friend and I got lost ...twice!  Never before have I had
> that problem.
> The problem is that there are a lot more trails in the area due to the
> horseback facilities at Reds Meadows and its proximity to Mammoth Lakes,
> plus the fact that the JMT / PCT is not labeled at all the trail junctions.
> We started at Devils Postpile heading south.   First thing I wonder is
> why the JMT avoids the postpile!!!

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