[pct-l] Preventing blisters on the heel

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Tue Sep 14 23:52:09 CDT 2010

  A key to preventing blisters on the heel is to duct tape the inside of 
your shoe/boot.  Take the insole out and strip off about a 4" long by 1" 
wide strip of duct tape.  STart the tape so that it wraps around the top 
of the shoe a bit and then press it in.  There should be at least an 
inch on the sole and the wrap at the top should fold over on the outside 
behind the little thing you use to pull the shoe on.  Replace the insole 
and you're good to go for hundreds of miles.

I do this when they're brand new so that dirt doesn't lessen the tapes 
ability to stick.  It's amazing how simple a solution this for 
preventing heel blisters.  Far less heat is generated and when socks are 
wet they are much less likely to bunch up and create a hot spot.  When 
you're hiking on hot sand/dirt and sweating, the heel doesn't get moist 
and so the sock just slides up and down, up and down, with little 
friction, or at least less...

Jeffrey Olson
Martin, SD

> Dan wrote:
> My question is are there other boots out there that others have tried that
> worked or other
> remedies to prevent or prolong the development of blisters/swelling feet?  I
> have a short but wide foot and I weight 150 lbs.

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