[pct-l] If not alcohol stove, then what, query #2

greg mushial gmushial at gmdr.com
Wed Sep 15 13:50:11 CDT 2010

Many thanks for the quick replies...   but let me ask my question 
differently... 'cause maybe an alcohol stove is in fact the answer...  it is 
sure hard to argue with the weight of the things.

1) my first concern is the inability to "turn them off" - I'm used to a 
knob: if I turn it clockwise long enough, the stove will go out - no 
questions asked. I can turn the knob, and walk away, and know that when I 
come back it will be out. With an alcohol stove I don't see this ability... 
but on the otherhand - can't one just invert a pot over the stove and it'll 
go out likewise? Or... how do others "turn their stoves off" ie, put them 
out? (This presumes that one has another pot to invert...  I was planning on 
taking only one small one... whatelse can one use to put the stove out? I'm 
assuming blowing them out is not an option - maybe I'm wrong.)

2) the lack of color to the flame - but is this only true for some fuels? Is 
it true that the yellow bottle HEET burns with color. Being a certifiable 
old fart - I have a concern of doing something stupid not having the visual 
feedback - hey dummy: the stove is on. Maybe I'm the only one that after a 
loooong day, sometimes is seems the brains get left at the lunch spot, not 
to be found again until the following breakfast. In climbing one learns to 
not put logs in one's own path, eg, each rope is a different color - a 
certain color rops is always the lead rope, another is a hauling line etc.. 
unless one likes stumbling/falling/dying etc

3) with a whitegas stove I'm guarenteed that all the fuel I bring will be 
burned for cooking, ie, no waste at the end of cooking a meal - with an 
alcohol stove, after I put it out (assuming one can, and one doesn't need to 
let it burn out, ie, through all the fuel), can one pour the unburned fuel 
back into the fuel bottle? In searching the web it looks like some would be 
difficult to pour from, others it doesn't look like a problem.

4) availability of HEET (or, if that's not the best choice, then what). Or 
as I put in my previous post - is HEET shippable in a resupply box? Or does 
one have to come up with it at resupply points / section ends etc? Have 
there been posting as to where it is available, where not?

5) what are the chances of getting caught with an alcohol stove only to have 
the NFS etc decide that that year is too dry to allow them... and have to 
come up with something makeshift in the middle of a thru.

as always: many thanks - TheDuck 

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