[pct-l] HALFMILE!!! You GPS god you........

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Mon Apr 4 23:08:49 CDT 2011

It would probably work. I don't know how accurate the PCT route is on this. 
Perhaps someone who has it can compare a section or two of halfmile's 
actual gps track to it. I have the Garmin TOPO 24K West which covers 
Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. List is $130 but it is a lot 
less on Amazon.

Reading the description of the Garmin Trailhead Series - PCT it is very 
limited -- per the description that is downloaded and installed on one 
Garmin GPS and apparently you would have little or no other access to the 
maps and info.

I think you will be better served by get the TOPO 24K West which as I read 
the Garmin license you can use on any Garmin product but not on gear 
manufactured by others. You are also allowed to use it on one computer. 
 From what I've heard, Garmin uses a proprietary map format so Garmin maps 
will not work on other manufactures GPS anyway.


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On 04/04/11 18:28, Michael Pinkus wrote:
> I found this on Garmin's website. Will this work with your GPS waypoints?
> https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=91299
> cheers,
> Mike
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