[pct-l] After the Hike

mark utzman blackbelthiker at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 19:53:49 CST 2011

Hey everyone, I have so many questions, I am always thinking of a new one
after each post. A candid question; What were some of the plans you have or
had as a thru-hiker when you completed (or not ) your hike? A new job
waiting, stay with friends or family, etc. 6 months is a long time to be
away from any responsibility. What was the impetus to start your hike,  (
laid off, breakup, divorce, etc.)? I know it may be personal, but I am
always wanting to learn new things about people, what motivates them and
why they do what they do. Heck, maybe I'll write a book someday about my
own experiences and what I've learned about others. For myself, I have
wanted to do a thru-hike ever since I learned about the PCT and what it
was, about 5 years ago. The love of outdoors,wilderness and backpacking and
the challenge of such an endeavor are my motivating factors. The reason, or
cause, of why I am choosing to do a thru-hike NOW is that I lost my job, my
home and my significant other; triple whammy. As of now, my biggest concern
is not miles hiked, food drops, money (well, maybe a little), gear, or the
sheer magnitude of distance, but what am I going to do when it's done?
Hence the original questions. Thanks,   Mark

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