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Sun Dec 18 13:37:25 CST 2011

All rumors to the effect of me having deep pockets have been wiped out by supporting two sons in college, a wife who doesn't understand the words "fiscal responsibility" and the cost of driving a huge SUV (cause I need a huge SUV to fit me!) that only gets 15 mpg.  I HAVE to keep my financial input high to cover all of the stupid stuff I got myself into!

Greg Hummel

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” 
								― Dalai Lama XIV

Reinhold writes;

You sound just like Switchback and Reinhold.....you must have been 
reading their mail.
Well congrats for joining the Switchback & Reinhold comedy team.

As far as the pistol,...I would recommend the 45...it will stop anything 
it hits.
You will have no problem foraging for greens there are lots of meadows 
and berries along the trail.
If you concentrate on grazing in the meadows, you could do it without 
You might, however, have to bring a few nuts to get you through the desert.
Talk to Mendowrider Ed about the horse....he can fix you up with a horse.
As far as money donations for your epic journey,...talk to  ''Big 
Hummel"....he has deep pockets and will be more than glad to finance 
your epic journey.

Switchback will be so jealous.

Good luck on your epic journey
Ooohhh....BTW....be sure to bring a poop bag for your horse....it's a 
red hot issue on the list right now.

JMT Reinhold


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