[pct-l] CHD

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 00:53:49 CST 2011

Yoshihiro just emailed me that he thinks one of the symptoms of CHD is a
compulsive connection to this list, and the need to continually think, talk
and write about gear issues, trail food, and other trail minutia.  But just
'cause I sit by a blank screen when everyone else in the world has gone to
bed in case someone might wake up and need a PCTL fix, doesn't mean I'm
crazy!  Even if my wife Katie says I am.  But I can't disagree with anything
she says right now as I finished the trail and was still married.
 Hallelujah brother!

And Sally Struthers is it.  Should have been submitted for the Superbowl
Adds last week.


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