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JOMIKE, What was the result?  Did critters get into your food in OpSaks that had 
some food smells on the outside?  All I did was take care, especially while 
sealing the sacks.  Once, at one of my caches (buried) something had nipped the 
sack ( a little bite about 1/2" long) outside the zipper.  It did not get inside 
the sack and the sack was still reuseable.  I tried to keep my hands clean 
before sealing but I never used alcohol pads.  I have never lost any food stored 
in an OpSak. I have lost horse feed stored in Food-Saver bags.  That happened at 
my cache south of Beldon Town. I lost about 30 pounds.  After that I stored 
the Food Saver bags inside OpSaks.

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I just this past year tried OpSaks but have major problem keeping the outside of 
the package clean due to dirty hands and misc. food, closing the bag. I wiped it 
down with alcohol pads. Do you have any other technique that works well?
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