[pct-l] i injured my back ... advice ?

Melanie Clarke melaniekclarke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 20:12:40 CST 2011

Dear Paul,

This sounds like a serious injury and I would follow the course of
healing prescribed by your doctor.  No doubt, he took the necessary X-rays
or MRI's.  After a week to heal, I'm guessing he will prescribe physical
therapy.  These guys are able to accomplish amazing things, the education
they receive is excellent.  These are the people who will work to get you
back to wholeness, work with them and respect what they do.

The only advice I can offer for a serious injury is to take pain medication
to get a proper night's sleep but do not take pain meds during the day.
 Pain is your friend.  If it hurts when you "do that" then don't "do that".
 I think everyone on this list probably has some issue with "over-doing"
things.  On pain meds, we would probably sort out our cupboards, and do
things our bodies don't want us to do to promote healing.  Listen to the
pain of your body during the day and only take pain meds to get a good
night's sleep.

Go out on "Worker's Comp" and relax for a while.


On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Paul Robison <paulrobisonhome at yahoo.com>wrote:

> so i hurt my back at work... i had a manhole lid fall back on me  (they are
> 175
> lbs) ... i was able to stop it but my back i in this insane twist of knots
> and
> stuff now.
> does anyone have any tips on how to untangle it,  or good pain relievers
> for
> interim usage ?  advil's doin nothing.
> the doctor i spoke to said i have to give the muscles 5 days to unwind
> naturally, and the strain should get considerably better as they muscles
> loosen
> naturally... but the pain is unreal.
> has anyone ever hurt their back before ?  any advice is appreciated.
> ~Paul
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