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Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Should we put out one last appeal to pct-l to see if we can't recruit 2 more?
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  Oh yeah forgot to say that according to halfmile the maps were 443 pages of printing. But now the 2011 maps now contain 473 pages, although 15 of the pages are blanks inserted in the file so that each PCT section begins on a new page. The extra pages might effect the cost.

  On 15 February 2011 17:20, Brandon McGinnity <bmcginnity at gmail.com> wrote:

    Yeah, I'm still in. Too bad we can't get the bigger discount with 20 people, but I'm not complaining. Address is:

    Brandon McGinnity
    915 Clebud Dr.
    Euless, TX 76040

    On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 7:17 PM, neil p. <neildpetersen at gmail.com> wrote:

      Hey Everyone, here is the response from lazerquick printing:

      Hey Neil,

      So after speaking with my associate we have determined that good discount for those who order between 10 and 20 sets would be $60.00 per set. If it is over 20 sets then it will drop to $55.00. We can definitely ship to multiple people but obviously we can’t really change the shipping cost. What we can do though is reduce any handling fee associated with the shipping. Please keep in mind though that in order to qualify for this bulk rate we’ll need a single group payment as opposed to multiple payments. Let me know if you have any other questions. We’ll be happy to work with you on this. 


      Shaun R.

      But it seems that (unless you live in Portland and can pick it up in person) the shipping cost will be the average shipping cost for the multiple locations of the group members. Also not totally sure if this includes the shipping and handling.  The latest info I had was that last years version cost $75 or group discount was $66 plus shipping for over 10 people; now we can get it for $60 plus shipping with over 10 people. Currently we have 18 people interested in the map but we need to arrange a single payment, we could all deposit the necessary funds with shipping rate tbd in to my paypal account and then I can make the payment. If this plan seems interesting please email me with your address and we will assume the folks in Portland would just pick it up. Let me know what you think, sorry for the long wait just got the email. Thanks


      ps -here is the list of folks on the list currently if you want on please email me the above information.

      Kevin Cook -hikelite at gmail.com
      Greg Foster -athruhiker2006 at yahoo.com
      Neil Petersen -neildpetersen at gmail.com
      John Abela -pacificcresttrail2011 at gmail.com
      Emily Mathews -emmat at yahoo.com
      Colin Stryker -colin.stryker at gmail.com
      Dan Kayser -kayser at ameslab.gov
      Mike Jurasius -syntectonics at yahoo.com
      Brandon McGinnity -bmcginnity at gmail.com
      Sue Kettles -sue.kettles at comcast.net
      Nikii Murtaugh -Boundforadventure at gmail.com
      shelly skye -shelbel26 at gmail.com by march 9th 
      Karen "Special K" Keller -karen.kellerford at gmail.com
      Doug Early-dougearly at aol.com
      Csilla Tabor -csilla.tabor at gmail.com
      Julia Marsh -juliak.marsh at gmail.com
      Alexander Asai -alexanderasai at gmail.com
      Paul Mercer aka Garage Man -paul.mercerjr at gmail.com 


    ~ Moccasin

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