[pct-l] Superfeet and Ponchos

Eric Lee saintgimp at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 23:21:18 CST 2011

Jim wrote:
I think I've been babying (and weakening) my feet for years with deluxe
footwear! BTW, Born to Run is a great, great read for a hiker, runner,or
someone who just likes a crazy, well-scribed adventure. For many there may
be an educational aspect there also.

Just goes to show that our feet are among the most individual parts of us.
What works wonders for one person may be an unmitigated disaster for someone
else.  It's always worth experimenting with different ideas but don't ever
assume that because something foot-related works for someone you respect,
it'll work for you.  You have to discover what *your* body needs.


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