[pct-l] half mile pct maps - update

'Sourdough' Foster athruhiker2006 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 02:40:47 CST 2011

I was pondering picking them up and shipping them to everyone so got out my 
trusty map. Oregon is quite a distance from Georgia. Too far I am thinking, 
sorry. (hee hee) 

Can't wait to take that 1st step. When that happens it means the hard part is 
over and the Fun Easy part begins! WooooHoooo !!! 


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Alright gang, so I spoke with the printing shop and they are only set up to ship 
with ups and thus cannot do priority mail with usps. So the shipping cost per 
order will be around $15 or more depending on location. Thus the better solution 
seems to be that if someone wants to volunteer to pick up all the printed maps 
and ship them individually to everyone via usps flat rate and get a much better 
shipping rate (there is about 20 people to ship to) . The other option is have 
them all sent to me as the bulk shipping is not bad and then I can ship them to 
everyone, but this might not save much money. So let me know what you folks 
think, I dont mind continuing to gather the money for the total order and place 
it if someone wants to volunteer to be shipping manager. Let me know what folks 
think. Thanks for you patience everybody. 


On 18 February 2011 12:52, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com> wrote:

If the $15 shipping quote is what the print shop quoted you, chances are they 
won't budge on that, especially given that they're doing a discount on printing. 
 Perhaps someone in the group who lives in Portland would be willing to 
coordinate the shipping.  That person could pick up the maps, then mail all the 
sets out. 

>Just an idea - sorry if I'm overstepping here.
>I really appreciate you doing this.  With all the preparation for a thru-hike, 
>this is certainly taking up your precious free time!
>On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 2:27 PM, neil p. <neildpetersen at gmail.com> wrote:
>Yeah, I am trying to figure out shipping. Thanks for the heads up with
>>paypal as I am new to it. I think a personal check will work, keep you
>>posted. Thanks-Neil
>>On 17/02/2011, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> $15 seems pretty high for shipping.  If the maps are printed front-and-back
>>> it would only be maybe 150 pages.  That should fit in a Priority Mail Flat
>>> Rate Envelope, which is $4.95.
>>> For payment: if folks send you via PayPal, I suspect PayPal will charge
>>> fees.  That's usually 30 cents plus 2.9% of the total.  Be sure to include
>>> that in the price you quote everyone.  Could I send you a personal check
>>> instead of PayPal?
>>> My mailing address:
>>> Jackie McDonnell
>>> PO Box 860573
>>> Shawnee Mission, KS  66286
>>> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:34 AM, neil p. <neildpetersen at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Alright folks we have about 25 people interested in getting the maps
>>>> printed. I am still figuring out what the cheapest way to get them shipped
>>>> to everyone is as it seems we all want our maps shipped to our home. Some
>>>> folks will pick them up at the printer in Portland and thus will save some
>>>> money but it looks like the average shipping will be about $15. If it
>>>> works
>>>> out to be more, maybe someone might want to volunteer to pick them up from
>>>> the printer and then package and ship them to everybody if it is cheaper.
>>>> However, I am leaning toward just having them packaged and shipped by the
>>>> printer. I still need the address for some of you so please email it to me
>>>> if you have not. I will be getting in touch with the printer again
>>>> tomorrow
>>>> and hopefully getting the ball rolling on their end. Anyone who wants in
>>>> still please email me your shipping address and I will keep you posted
>>>> about
>>>> shipping but it looks like the printing cost will be $55 or cheaper. So
>>>> overall with shipping it looks like the average cost will be $70, which
>>>> seems to be a sweet deal as far as I am concerned. Keep you all posted,
>>>> looking forward to meeting some of you at kickoff and beyond.
>>>> -Neil
>>>> ps- here is the list so far if not on it sorry, please email again with
>>>> your address.thanks*
>>>> Will have maps shipped/ I have shipping address:*
>>>> Neil Petersen <-neildpetersen at gmail.com>
>>>> Chris Gordon <CDGordon at cox.net>
>>>> Dan Kayser <-kayser at ameslab.gov>
>>>> Brandon McGinnity <-bmcginnity at gmail.com>
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>>>> *
>>>> Will pick up maps at printer in Portland, OR :*
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