[pct-l] Half Mile pct map group printing

neil p. neildpetersen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 15:49:28 CST 2011

Hey Gang, so here is the update on the half mile maps. We have about 30
folks interested in the maps so it has been a little difficult to
coordinate. So we are set to get the maps at $55 and shipping will be $5 for
those of us that need it. Whitnee who lives in/near Portland has agreed to
be the shipping manager and will be shipping the maps shortly after they are
done printing. So we need to get the money together, I am still going to
organize the order so please send me $55 plus $5 for shipping if applicable
to me via paypal at neildpetersen at gmail.com using the personal/gift option
to save on transaction fees ;if you cannot then please send a check to neil
petersen 222 pearl st santa cruz, ca 95060. Once we get all the money I will
place the order and printing will be done in a few days, and then shipping
should happen shortly after, we are hoping that everyone get their map set
by March 5th. As for those folks picking up they should be available very
shortly after we place the order, hopefully by Mar 1st. So here is the list
of folks who want the maps, those with an address are for shipping and those
without are for pickup-please check this info and email me any corrections.
Any questions you can email me or call me at 831-359-3100. Thanks everyone
for your patience.-Neil

   1. Neil Petersen -neildpetersen at gmail.com - 222 pearl st santa cruz, ca
    2. Chris Gordon- CDGordon at cox.net - 34 West Granby Rd. Granby, CT  06035

    3. Dan Kayser -kayser at ameslab.gov -407 S. 5th St. #104, Ames, IA 50010
    4. Brandon McGinnity -bmcginnity at gmail.com -915 Clebud Dr. Euless, TX
   5. Jon Smith- jsa106 at sfu.ca -816 Peace Portal Drive Blaine, WA  98230
   (778) 782-3124
    6. Jeanette McKinley- JKLMCK at aol.com -  6255 Cannery Ct. Yorba Linda, CA
   92886             714-779-5541
    7. Barney Hope- bh.csuchico at gmail.com -920 Snyder Drive Davis, CA  95616
    8. Nikii Murtaugh- boundforadventure at gmail.com -PO box 338, ATHENA,
   Oregon. 97813
    9. Paul Mercer- paul.mercerjr at gmail.com - 425 Fairbanks St. Fairbanks,
   Alaska 99709
    10. Mike Jurasius- syntectonics at yahoo.com <-syntectonics at yahoo.com> - PO
   Box 12241 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
    11. Richard beamish- richardbeamish1 at gmail.com -4610 Wilwyn Way
   Rockville MD 20852
   12. Joyce Maund- evilempress2003 at yahoo.com - 6101 15th Ave. Sacramento,
   CA 95820
    13. Doug Early- dougearly at aol.com -527 NE Bellevue Dr #110 Bend, OR
    14. Csilla Tabor -csilla.tabor at gmail.com - 816 Atlantic Ave. Fernandina
   Beach, FL 32034
    15. Elisabeth M. Chaplin- echaplin at gmail.com  - 221A W De La Guerra St
   Santa Barbara, CA  93101 -(805) 455-5575
    16. Jackie McDonnell- yogihikes at gmail.com <-yogihikes at gmail.com> - PO
   Box 860573 Shawnee Mission, KS  66286
   17. Richard "Cuppa Joe" Ahlf- cuppajoeat at gmail.com - 4609 Shell Beach Ave
   Cheyenne,  Wy. 82009
   18. Greg Foster -athruhiker2006 at yahoo.com -1870 Sunset Dr Rising Fawn, GA
   19. Dale Perzanowski- pbprider at yahoo.com - PO Box 707 Hartford, VT  05047
   -802 318 1656
   20. Emily Mathews -emmat at yahoo.com -3410 Park Blvd Palo Alto, Ca  94306
   21. Ryan Tinkle- ryantinkle at gmail.com - c/o Ted Tsouras 9 Walking Cane
   Ranch Rd.  Flagstaff, AZ 86004
   22. Rob Frantz- frantzrv at gmail.com -PO Box 4935 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
   23. Julia Marsh - <-juliak.marsh at gmail.com>juliak.marsh at gmail.com - 506
   s. Washington st, baltimore md 21231
   24. Karen "Special K" Keller-
karen.kellerford at gmail.com<-karen.kellerford at gmail.com>- POB 1433
Idyllwild, CA 92549

   1. Whitnee Goode- whitneegoode at yahoo.com - pick up in portland-
    2. Vimal Golding- bungovi at gmail.com -215  Evergreen Way PO Box 54
   Petrolia, CA 95558 -wants to pick up in portland if printed by Mar 1st
   3. Eric- johner27 at evergreen.edu -Portland will pick up maps- wants 2
    4. Sue Kettles- sue.kettles at comcast.net - Portland will pick up maps-
    5. Alexander Asai- alexanderasai at gmail.com - Portland will pick up maps-

    6. Colin Stryker -colin.stryker at gmail.com - Will pick up maps in
   7. Ashley Lowe- djalowe at gmail.com -will pickup in portland-

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