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Concerning the back pain, there are many causes.
1. bad postures,  hard exercise, etc. ---- these are caused by the
damage of muscles of abdomen.
2. mental stress
3. spine
4. sickness of internal organs

Generally speaking, excluding severe case, most of the back pain is
caused by the weakness of the muscles of abdomen. Then the prevention
of back pain is simple: To strengthen your muscles or To reduce the
stress to your muslces.

To strengthen

some practice is effective: such as:
I exercise about for 5 or 10  minutes in a day to maintain the
strength of muscles.

To avoid stress

I recommend  the internal frame pack, which has a good waist belt.
When most of the pack weight can be supported by the waist bone, the
stress of the spine will be reduced.

I do not recommend Ms. Melanie's way of using a weight lifters belt.
When waist belt were wear in every day, the muscle of abdomen will
became week in a long run, and the more severe back pain will be

2011/1/4 ruffwork <ruffwork at ruffwork.com>:
> I've seen all the talk of back pain.  Posture is some of it but my experience was it can also be unevenly
> exercised and contracted muscles.  I was having bad pain after walking daily and it magically went away as soon
> as I started doing some sit ups and stretches after every walk.  Right now the pain has started coming
> back and guess what?  I've been skipping my post-walk exercise and stretches.
> ruffwork
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