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Good afternoon, Bob,

The gourmand at   http://www.suestyle.com/articles/20100202_2   dined on
marmot, but apparently couldn’t find a wine sufficiently robust to defend
itself at the feast.  Instead she washed the whole thing down with lashings
of home-distilled apple *Schnapps.  All that may seem hopelessly plebeian at
a fine table, but in the context of  the trail it may be just right to
satisfy a hiker’s  appetite.*


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On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Bob Bankhead <wandering_bob at comcast.net>wrote:

> Attention Dicentra:
> Peggy has discovered an old thru-hiker trail recipe; fillet of marmot,
> wrapped in rattlesnake, skewered on a Leki trekking pole, seasoned with
> trailside thyme and green onions, and slow-cooked over a case of Esbit
> tablets. Can anyone recommend a nice wine to go with that?
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> I've wondered what marmots taste like myself.  When I thru-hiked the JMT,
> we
> were low on food after VVR (going southbound) and the marmots on top of
> Forester Pass were really friendly - got within a foot of us several times
> -
> and they were big and fat.  We debated getting one with a hiking pole, but
> concluded that we didn't have enough fuel left to cook it.  Before I bring
> in a bunch of comments, it wasn't a very serious debate!
> Peggy
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