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Good timing. I'm down to the final days of deciding between the Circuit and
the Catalyst and was just going to check on the bear-can fits. The ad on the
ULA site for the Catalyst says that it's "bear canister friendly" and it
doesn't say that on the Circuit (which I realize doesn't mean much because
it's just and ad) but I was glad to see your post. Can you post a link to
steeleye's site and tell me which canister it is that fits horizontally in
the Circuit?

Also, any pro/con opinions you have about these packs would be appreciated.
>From all the research I've done it seems to come down to them being equal
quality backpacks with the Catalyst having a little more weight with a lot
more room. Reviews say some people tend to fill up the Catalyst with stuff
they don't need just because they have that space available to fill. That's
why I'm 97% decided on the Circuit but still lingering on that 3% of me
saying "Just get the biggest one and don't use the extra space if you don't
need it.", but I don't want to carry the extra weight of the pack itself
just to have room available I may not need. Yeah, I'm a little stressed over
this decision. (sigh) 


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Good info on your site Steel-Eye.  The old black bear can in the picture is
what I still use, and it fits inside of the ULA Circuit, horizontally.  Fit
just perfectly above all the rest of my stuff.

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