[pct-l] MAIL DROPS :

Scott Bryce sbryce at scottbryce.com
Tue Jan 25 10:38:23 CST 2011

On 1/25/2011 8:23 AM, Thru Hiker wrote:
> I have asked several folks how many Mail Drops are Really and Truly
> needed and the answers vary from 4 to 20. So I am going with appx. 8.
> That having been said, which ones. What EIGHT places should one For
> Sure have resupplies shipped from home to or ship to themselves from
> another town. EIGHT MAX....Ok. :-)

It isn't that simple. You really need a better resupply strategy than that.

Even people who claim not to use mail drops at all will shop in larger
towns and mail packages ahead to smaller towns.

You need to know which towns you can shop at, and which ones you will
need to mail food to. That number may not be exactly 8. If the number
turns out o be 9, will you go hungry just because you don't want to
handle a 9th package? Or will you pass up Drakesbad, just because you
can't buy food there? It doesn't make sense to stop at both Drakesbad
and Chester, when you can pick up a box at Drakesbad while you are
enjoying the hiker discount on the AYCE buffet.

> PS - BTW - if you are curious, the 20 answer came from Billy Goat!
> :-)

He likes to avoid town as much as possible, so he is probably not
shopping in town anywhere.

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