[pct-l] Carrying Weapons

Barry Teschlog tokencivilian at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 18:41:17 CST 2011

Reinhold wrote:
Kellie, a little gun will not stop a grizz or lion....you need something 
with more stopping power.

A  ''BAZOOKA''  is much more effective against bears or grizzlies.

Another option, with much stopping power, is a front loading ''CANNON''.
Bring at least 10 cannon balls and a large sack of black powder.
Keep the cannon loaded at all times and matches at the ready.

Now, with a  ''FLAME THROWER''  you will have the most feared infantry 
weapon at your disposal.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, including bears or Switchback want to get hit 
by a flame thrower.
The other good thing about the flame thrower....you will not need to 
carry a stove, fuel, or pots and pans because the flame thrower will 
instantly BBQ anything you hit.
You may, however, want to carry a five gallon fire extinguisher to 
extinguish any forest fires you might accidentally start.

So, if you see Switchback running through the bushes with his rear end 
on fire, you will know you hit the
Although, Switchback is hard to miss, he has a rather good 
sized...aahh...uuhh...''BULLS EYE''.

JMT Reinhold
The weapons expert

Reinhold:  I'm surprised you didn't pick up this little gem.  It's PERFECT for the backpacker in need of a weapon.  Lots of fire power and a big kill radius.  :-)


It's only ~50 lbs, ultra light by nuke standards - just right for one of a "heavy trucker" to lug along in their external frame packs.

And shame on you there Reinhold for advocating a wheeled vehicle on the trail - cannons are strictly forbidden in Wilderness, even if they're horse drawn.  :-)

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