[pct-l] Carrying weapons

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Sat Nov 12 03:00:40 CST 2011

Super Senior JMT Snow Bunny Reinhold writes: So, if you see Switchback running through the bushes with his rear end on fire, you will know you hit the "BULLS EYE''.  Although, Switchback is hard to miss, he has a rather good 
ized...aahh...uuhh...''BULLS EYE''.


Switchback replies: If I am in the bushes, I am talking a potty break.  And if someone lights me on fire while I am doing my business, then it is war.   All you have to do on the trial is carry is some

pepper spray.  It is light and very effective against people and animals.  Simple.  I have always carred some mainly against Female Terminator Leadership Types, who are after me.

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