[pct-l] Bears...Deodorant & Mothballs

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Sun Nov 13 12:49:58 CST 2011

MendoRider writes:  This is a thread from last year. Unfortunately, I doubt that mothball smells will keep the trail pirate away. Fortunately, in 2012, he will be moving so fast to set the new PCT record that he will only have time to raid and resupply from hikers camping close to the trail. Best to camp out of sight of trail.
Switchback the Trail Pirate replies: I want to correct a scheduling point.  I will not be setting my historic PCT record hike in 2012.  It will be 2013.  This will give Scott a chance to rest from his adventure in 2011 and his record setting Yo-yo.  I figure he will want to be in on the 2013 expedition.  Forty mile days is to laugh.  This going to be a serious hike and no stopping to smell the roses nonsense.  From airliners flying high over the trail, you will be able to see the dust clouds of our movement north.  Later the same will be true for our hike south to the Mexican border.  When we approach some hikers, the wind will pick up just like it does before a storm.  That is how you will know we are approaching.  There will be a bow wave prior to our arrival.  That's the type of speed and ferocity we will make on the trail.  Simple.  I figure there should be about 8 of us on this expedition.

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