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That of course reminds me......Is there any word on the 2 0 0 9 video?  Is 
it dead?

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THE TRADITION CONTINUES!  Pro Deal and Weathercarrot evaluated hundreds of
resumes for the job and it looks like Boo Boo and Tequila Jack were the
last hikers "standing".   Barb will be helping with organizing images and
music selection and I will be doing the editing and compiling -  We have a
big job ahead!  Soon, we will be emailing hikers from the class of 2011
with a request for still images, HD video, and music suggestions.  All
images and vids to be shipped by mail.  Get a head start before the email
and follow the guidelines below.

CLASS OF 2011 VIDEO - SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:  We are looking for your 100
best images (stills), any HD video that is especially good (Sierra river
crossings, storms, human interest videos, etc), all of your shots of
thru-hikers and trail angels (in addition to your 100 best), and any Mile 0
and Monument 78 shots that you have.  Keep the original file names and date
stamp and if you can, add a location to the image (ie:  P00350-Windy
Pass.jpg).  Also, if you can, organize your images into sub-folders: 
California (Campo to Kennedy Meadows), Central California (Kennedy Meadows
to Sonora Pass),  Northern California (Sonora Pass to the Oregon
border), Oregon,
and Washington.  You can burn your images to CD, DVD, thumb drive or flash
card.  Drives and cards (but not optical media) will be returned .  Please
include your email address so we can get clarification on images if

DEADLINE for submissions is January 15, 2012.

MAIL TO:  Jack Ross, 315 S. Coast Hwy 101, PMB 181, Encinitas, CA 92024.
We will verify receipt via email of all media sent.

MUSIC - Unless you want to hear "500 Miles" looped for over an hour, we
would like to hear any and all suggestions you may have for music.
These you can email to us:
JackandBarbPCT at gmail.com<https://webmail.west.cox.net/do/mail/message/mailto?to=pct2010video%40gmail.com>

Sooner is better than later, since we’ll be working on the preliminary
soundtrack while waiting for photos to arrive.  We’re open to just about
any genre – New Age, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, and in fact
would like to use a diverse range of styles.

We plan to put together a super class video but it is dependent on you 2011
hikers out there to send in your shots.  Remember the deadline is January
15, 2012.
Pass the word!
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