[pct-l] Fishing on PCT

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed Nov 23 21:11:46 CST 2011

Yes MendoRider,
The Sierra is like a beautiful woman...and once bitten, forever hooked.
Benson Lake with its sandy beach is known in the Sierra as the "Riviera
of the High Sierra".
Another lake were I have seen hikers catch a lot of fish is "Timberline
Lake" north of Whitney between Guitar Lake and Crabtree Mdw.
Another lake with a big sandy beach that could qualify as the "Riviera
of the High Sierra" is Muir Lake in the Cottonwood Lakes Basin just east
of Army Pass south of Whitney and Langley.

Every time I think of Langley I remember a guy I met, some years ago, on
top of Langley.
He was filming the area extensively.......when I asked if he was doing a
documentary, he replied that he was filming the area in honor of his friend
who died on Mt. Langley.
His friend died of suffocation in his sleeping bag which was made out of
none breathable material.
 From all indication his friend, on a cold night on top of Langley, zipped
the non breathable bag all the way to the top restricting the ventilation
sufficiently to suffocate his friend in his sleep.
That may be why sleeping bags, nowadays, always seem to have a little
opening for ventilation.
Let this be a warning....if you have an old none breathable bag that zips
up all the way,....don't do it leave a little opening, so you wake up in
the morning.

JMT Reinhold

MendoRider wrote:
The Sierra is one of the most beautiful parts of the PCT.
I will attach a picture of my dinner at Benson Lake in the Yosemite Wilderness.
That catch took just five casts.

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