[pct-l] Murphy's Laws of Backpacking

Nathan Miller erccmacfitheal at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 20:45:17 CST 2011

I wrote a whole mess of these things back in college that I called, "Napoleon's Laws of Backpacking."  They're on a floppy somewhere, but I still remember some of them:

It never rains...it pours, sleets, snows, hails, or all of the above.

What goes down must also go back up...WAY up!

By mid-afternoon, the small fluffy white cloud you saw at ten that morning has become the nastiest-looking thunderhead you've ever seen.

Weight multiplies exponentially over time and distance.

The one thing you left at home will turn out to be the one thing you most need.

The further out you are, the better food tastes.

-Nate the Trail Zombie
Newberg, OR

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