[pct-l] The History of Backpacking

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Tue Nov 29 13:40:32 CST 2011

There are those on the list who don't "get" sexual harrassment.  Sexual 
harassment is defined in the following manner - "If you feel harassed 
you are being harassed."  This is pretty much the law of the land.

If the stuff that has come across the list was said in the workplace the 
sayers would be labeled perpetrators and action taken by the 
institution.  If the institution continued to allow said behavior, it 
could be taken to court.

No longer is it he said/she said.  If someone feels intimidated or 
belittled because of gender, then  harassment is occurring.

Sure, you can filter, but this really means that we collectively, as 
members of the listserv, are OK with perpetrators active within our 
community, that it is the filterers who are abnormal, not the perpetrators.

Personally, I vote for banishment as there have been lots of 
opportunities to cease and desist, lots of (sometimes) mild admonitions 
and cautions.

Jeffrey Olson
Martin, SD

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