[pct-l] THREE questions

Charles Doersch charles.doersch at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 13:33:49 CDT 2011

Hi everyone.

I've got three questions for the group:

1. I read the occasional log journal reporting that going stoveless on the PCT can be a choice that simplifies the hike, though of course it eliminates certain comforting food/drink options. Anyone who has gone stoveless, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it if you're willing. The four of us are considering it.
2. What is the most common solution to posting journal entries? Sending written transcripts to friends who post them? or?
3. For any of the 2011 PCT thru-hikers who made it to Canada, any difficulties with border control? My understanding is that year after year it isn't an issue -- but there was a rumor that this year was different, and I thought I'd ask. 


Charles & the gang.

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